I wrote this the other night after I got tired hearing the Rob Porter story, going round and round about the details we all know by heart now. This is what I thought:

Why doesn’t Mueller indict someone and get this stuff over with. I have a growing theory, though, about the whole Russian collusion/collision, whatever it was.

To add to this theory, helping to firm it up, today, Feb. 16, 13 Russians have now been indicted for “interference in 2016 elections.” Yet their activities extend back to 2014.

Here’s my theory – Putin really wants to wreck our government, from the inside out. That’s his big goal. He doesn’t give damn about Trump. But here comes Hillary Clinton, a formidable opponent that he clearly knows will go head to head with him and won’t take whatever he dishes out – which is a lot of harm to this country and our democracy. As Obama was willing to do, and did. But Trump is completely politically clueless in anyone’s country, so he’s Putin’s best bet to win the presidency, and get out his wrecking ball.

Putin is now laughing his ass off because he has us all running in circles with Trump running things and making this huge mess over here. So his intention in messing with our election, and they did mightily, was to make sure HILLARY did NOT get elected. He doesn’t care a whit about Trump except to know he can manipulate him from here to Timbuktu and back.

And Trump may never have intended – note, intended – to make any deals with Putin other than business stuff to make his own self richer than maybe even Putin. Maybe there never was intentional collusion with the Russians at all.

Trump is a bumbling, dealing, greedy, misogynistic fool, who is not even close to being a billionaire. And he never wanted to be president. He just wanted a new network…you know, like his buddy Roger Ailes had, like Rupert Murdoch has, like Oprah has. But in the end, Trump and his cronies did collude with the Russians. They saw a good thing and wanted to benefit from it. Their day is coming, too.

Trump ran, intending just to get himself a cool television network. But he really lost when he won the presidency. This last piece comes from the Michael Wolff book, Fire and Fury. And it sounds likely to me. This isn’t going to end well. But it is going to end.