I don’t have a single idea for a blog post which is due today (Thursday). Not one. I’m filled with anxiety about my eyes and see the ophthalmologist next Wednesday morning in Cleveland. She’s going to measure my ocular pressure again and who knows what else. Then give me the lowdown. What happens next, prognosis, maybe surgery to slow it down, all that kind of stuff.

Thinking about vision a lot since I saw Dr. Singh a month ago and she gave me these two words: severe glaucoma. I think of others who have it, who had it. I had a great Aunt Wixie Parker who was Head Librarian at Chapel Hill main library. She lost her eyesight to the “thief of sight,” and I understand she was pretty pissed off about it. My father had it, too. He had peripheral vision.

Jorge Luis Borges, poet and novelist from Buenos Aires, probably lost his sight to glaucoma at age 55. He continued as a librarian at the Naciónal Biblioteca in his hometown. He also had a butler and a cat and a nice house he owned in the city.

Bono has had glaucoma for about 20 years. I like the glasses he wears and want some like them. The light hurts my eyes a lot and enough exposure to it makes me very tired.

Whoopi Goldberg has glaucoma also. I heard she smokes marijuana to keep the ocular pressure down in her eyes. But I’ve read that you’d have to be pretty stoned all the time for it to really work. So I’m not sure if that’s true about Whoopi.

I take two different eyedrops daily now. The new one I got last month from Dr. Singh I take twice a day, 12 hours apart. My pressure in my right eye last month was 22, pretty high. Just 16 in the left eye.

Here’s the twist. I took a ton of prednisone in order to keep my new liver. A whole lot. That is probably the reason my eyes got so much worse than where they were. What are you going to do? I wanted that liver. Bad. It wasn’t my idea to take the prednisone, by the way – but you probably know that. Sometimes shit happens.

I just want to ask a seemingly unrelated question. Why doesn’t American health insurance cover vision, hearing and our dental health? All three matter a lot to a person’s overall health. And all three are expensive to care for.