My best friend when I was growing up was Martha Easton. We met when Martha was three years old and I was two. Toddlers. My parents had moved us from Tangerine Avenue South in St. Petersburg to 10th Avenue North that year and our house was across the street from the Eastons’ house. Martha already had one older sister, I had a big brother and our mothers were both pregnant with girls, as it turned out, when we met. The Easton kids eventually numbered eight girls.

Martha and I played outside together every day and as we grew older we had more adventures and creative play. Our favorite invented game to play was Detective. We’d pretend we were wearing trench coats and shoulder handbags, and we’d comb the neighborhood for “clues.” The one clue we found in all our treks was a milk bill in someone’s yard with the name “Jesus” on it. Boy, were we excited about finding Jesus’ milk bill.