Note:  I wrote this on Sept. 28, 2015, during one of my live donor possibilities, and since then have had a liver transplant.

 I’m trying to find out how to prepare for a huge change in my life. It’s good change but about a 180-degree departure from where I am now. I will get a new liver, a new chance at life. And in doing that I will go from a sick person to a newly healthy person. The contrast is gigantic. I keep trying to imagine having more energy, being able to plan a schedule rather than having to wait and see how I feel, being able to work more and write more and make more money, and to be able to travel, too.

But I also liken the transformation to that of a prisoner finally being set free, yet remaining in the same shape he or she had gotten into in prison. So the container would be gone – in my case, illness – but the shape I had become could remain.

I don’t think I’ll do that.

Grieve the old.

Welcome the new.

The place: Cleveland Clinic. The surgeon: Dr. Koji Hashimoto. The date: May 22, 2016. The new: My brand-new life as an energetic and happy me.