“All containers are temporary, all of them.” – Amanda Palmer, written the day after Prince died

We forget how temporary the containers in our lives are. Just start with your body. Temporary. And always changing. Then going away all together.

When we forget, we are surprised to find out the wispiness of everything in our lives. Our bodies, all our belongings (treasured or hated), friends and family and all the other people in our lives.

I recently thought I had lost my doctor. I went crazy trying to figure out where she was. When I found her, she was where she had always been. I had been a wreck.

We grieve the loss of our containers. Of course, we grieve the loss of our healthy bodies. And the loss of friends and family members, we sure as hell grieve them.

Just what is permanent?

As it turns out, nothing.

And we either make peace with that.

Or we are grieving all the time – I lost my favorite pen today, my best friend is moving far away, we have to move to a different container, city, country, our pet dies, my favorite running shoes don’t fit anymore, I lost weight, I gained weight, we lose our hearing, we lose our eyesight, we lose our good health. That’s a lot of grief.

Unless we accept that all the containers, people, things, health, life are temporary. And we must choose the most important things – just a handful – to care for and then eventually to let go of them.

In the meantime, we can experience great happiness and joy at being on the earth.